Emma Bradshaw

Movement, form and colour have always interested me, ever since I held a pencil I have been known to sketch and draw.  Horses and ballet were favourites and then I discovered the excitement of chickens and geese which worked with my style of just going straight in with paint, speedily working with bold colour and brush strokes to capture the excitement of movement and bring out the striking colours that I see these animals having.


Keeping colours strong and vibrant and interpreting what I am drawing straight on to paper or canvas keeps this going, but there is always a risk of not going to plan, as I need to mime my action on the bare paper before committing ~ I cannot just rub out and start again, nor do I have the luxury of being able to play around manipulating oils.  This is what gives my work the spontaneity and vibrancy I am known for.


I am now experimenting with colour and texture adding different pigments, papers leading to more abstract images …again I am not drawing first – so I have to rely on where my work is taking me or the expertise of brushstrokes or palette knives to achieve my end work.

I have added some pictures of myself with my old dog Bill, followed by my current companion, Harvey, typical terrier; along with a view of my atelier (aka the kitchen!), which is HQ for most things, with the added distraction of over looking the Bristol Channel, with it's ever changing light, mist and of course tides! Also inspiring the more coastal abstracts.